Summer Hockey Camp

Our biggest and most attended camps of the year are organized during four weeks in summer. The summer hockey camps are very intensive off-season practice programs for players -- boys and girls of 6-18 years of age. Highly trained and experienced Czech  coaches. Sessions held at high speed and intensity with special and harder training drills.

Maximum - 25 players; 1 coach/5 players

The training on the rink will focus on individual skills, skating, shooting, puck handling, decision making, organization of individual competitions and matches.

Off-ice practice sessions include stick handling, gym sessions, athletics and games.

The trainees will be given a chance to take part in an ice-hockey tournament - a simulation of the National Hockey League’s games, including drafts, practices, matches, regular seasons, play-offs, team and individual trophies, team tactics, individual competitions, teamwork coaching, including cooperation among the respective age categories, engraving of names on trophies, and a newspaper publishing the games’ results.

Summer hockey camps’ dates: 

  • 01.7. - 07.7.2018
  • 08.7. – 14.7.2018
  • 15.7. – 21.7.2018
  • 22.7. - 28.7.2018

The trainees can book either one-week session or combine consequent sessions in one. Applications have to be filled for every session.


  • Beroun, a town in the Czech Republic (20 minutes from Prague)
  • Rink at “Beroun” Winter Stadium


  • The trainees will stay at Hotel Na Ostrově***.


  • €630 per week
  • €100 deposit is requested with the APPLICATION FORM for the camp reservation, the remainder to be paid to our bank account or upon the arrival to the camp. Deposit is non-refundable.

Price includes:

  • Two on-ice trainings a day (2 x 75 min)
  • Two off-ice trainings a day (2 x 60 min)
  • Recreational activities -- (swimming, aqua-park, sauna etc.)
  • Four meals per day
  • Accommodation - Hotel Na Ostrově***
  • Jersey shirts
  • 24/7 supervision over the children
  • Camp’s program accomplishment certificate

Feel free to ask any questions via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Accommodation for parents: €30 per night at Hotel Na Ostrově***